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Transparent dollar paperweight

It is the first paperweight product on this website, and we made it a few weeks ago. It’s a piece of US dollar inside the clear resin. The resin is transparent so you can see the dollar inside clearly. In this page, we will talk about this product in details.

Transparent dollar paperweight
  • Product Name: Transparent dollar paperweight
  • Item No.: PW001
  • Size: 18*5*3 cm
  • Weight: 539g
  • MOQ: 300 PCS
  • Material: Clear resin+ prop US dollar
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Item Name Transparent dollar paperweight
Item No. PW001
Material Clear resin+ prop US dollar
The color of the resin Transparent
Inside object Prop US dollar
Paperweight Size 18*5*3cm
Usage Keep paper from blowing
Logo Sticker, print, engraving
Sample time three days
Lead time 15- 20 days
Packing details polyform+ white box
Port Shenzhen/ Guangzhou
Payment terms T/T to company bank account, Western Union. Paypal, Credit Card

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Item No.: PW001
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Product details

Transparent dollar paperweight

It is a kind of resin paperweight, prop US dollar inside the resin. As the cube is transparent, so you can see the object inside clearly.

The surface is very smooth, and you can fell it. Then it will not break the paper. And there is no bubble in the cube.

Size of the dollar paperweight is 17*5*3cm, and you can customize the size. If you want to see other designs, please check the paperweight page.

There are more than hundreds of products, as we are the resin products manufacturer you know.
We will post them all soon.

More images

See more images about the transparent dollar paperweight. The dollar is the prop. You can see the Chinese printed words on it.
Please don’t forget, and you can customize different designs and different shapes.

resin dollar weight
resin paperweight
side of transparent dollar paperweight
prop money paperweight


We will put this paperweight in PP bag then into a white box. There can be an open window in the box, and it is up to you. Sometime, clients will need a gift box, and we can do it.