Privacy Policy

Who we are?

Our website address is:

What personal data we collect and why we collect it?

Email address

When visitors send us the emails via the blank on the site, our email account will receive the content, and also the email account of the visitor’s.

We collect the email address because we need to reply the clients, collect the content because we need to know what can we do for the clients.

Who we share your email with?

The website site is a to B website, not a retailer. So we will keep the email address information well and will not spread it.

Only a few guys of the our factory can see your email. You know the email address is one of the most important possessions of a factory.

At present we are not support guys to sign up. So no other data of the visitors will be left in the website.

Maybe in the future  we will update the website and clents can sign up and sign in.

That time we will update the Privacy Policy, too.