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How to use massage roller ball

If you see the massage roller ball for the first time, you may ask how to use this product? On the trade shows, visitors asked me the same question many times. OK, let me show you something.

First of all, let me do some introduction. The massage ball contains two parts: base and ball. By the way, for both, we can do many colors. The base material is plastic while the ball is resin. At first, they were separate, and we press the ball into the base. After that, it becomes the massage roller ball. The materials are eco-friendly, and the ball surface is pretty smooth because they need to touch the skin.

resin massage ball roller
convient for you to hold

The ball size is 54mm, and the total size is Dia 66 * H 60 mm. It’s not big, but convenient. Total weight is around 140 g, not heavy, and you can take it easily. There is a sunken part on the base. Therefore you can hold it tight, especially when you are rolling the ball. There is also a silicone band. It can make the roller ball more beautiful and help you hold the ball tighter.

There is a small hole on the bottom of the base. It can help the massage ball to stand. The other usage is that you can drop the liquid medicine through that hole. Not too much, two or three drops are OK. When you are rolling, the liquid will touch your skin and relieve the pain. And the liquid medicine is not necessary.

drop a medicine
how to use massage roller ball

You can press and roll if there is a pain on your wrist, your neck, your back, and your body. In Chinese Medicine, there are 720 acupoints. If there is a pain on your body or it’s cold for no reason. That may because there is a jam on that acupoints, and the blood is blocked. Actually, if there is a pain without any hurt, that part is mostly cold. If someone is dead, all the body is cold, if there is something wrong on that part, then that part will cold.