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How to use massage ball roller

This product is a kind of massage roller ball. As the ball material is resin, so we also call it resin massage ball.
The massage ball is one of our main products. We are the largest massage ball roller manufacturer in China.

Now let’s show you how to use massage ball roller.

See this is a resin massage ball roller, stand on the desk.

Eco-friendly resin ball with Eco-friendly plastic holder.

The band helps you to hold the roller better.

resin massage ball roller

The ball size is 54mm.

And the product size Dia66*60mm.

This size is suit for your hand and convenient for you to hold it.

convient for you to hold

See there is a hold on the bottom. From the hole, you can see the resin ball.

Many people don’t know why there is a hole.

Some factory guys said maybe it is easier to produce

You can drop the liquid medicine through the hole.

Not too much, two or three drops are OK.

drop a medicine

You can use the massage ball roller if there is a pain on your wrist, your neck, your back, your body or even on your head.

Drop the medicine and roll, and then the pain can be relieved.

roll on your wrist